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Hello! We are NTT Loans

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NTT Loans Ltd (Pty) was recently founded in South Africa by the owner who realized that the country needed better and more innovative services to help people with emergency money. We understand that money can be stressful, even at the best of times.


So it is our mission to solve people’s short-term and urgent cash flow problems with a responsible and short-term solution. We aim to help open up cash flow when it’s needed, not to constrain people with long-term credit. We’re here to help, to make things simpler. NTT Loans Ltd (Pty) is a registered Credit Provider and is regulated by the National Credit Act.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative financial products, make them easily accessible and deliver those products and services in a simple and efficient manner, leveraging technology to achieve this.We strive to be transparent in our product offerings, responsible in the way we operate and also ensures a high standard of security to safeguard our customers’ interest.

Our Vision

We are and will empower our customers to succeed in every aspect of their financial lives. Our community driven culture and ongoing commitment to superior service, innovative connectivity and intuitive technology will expand our relationships for generations to come.

Financial Service

Our financial experts help analyze financial data,
to create steady financial foundation.

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